My Work

Design Ops and Scaling Design teams

I help design teams scale up their maturity levels. We start with discussions with the team members, developers, product managers and also with the leadership to understand the gaps at an individual level, team level and org level. We work on constraints and create a plan of action to scale, collaborate, work efficiently and measure the impact and value of design.

Design System

Crafting Design System

I have worked on crafting design systems for enterprise, brand and data visualisation. We started with auditing the existing assets and identified the redundancies and worked on bringing in a common visual design language. The design system was an outcome of various decisions based on asset prioritization, naming conventions, dev integration, version control, governance model, documentation, release pipelines, tools and integration. I have worked on design systems for sketch and incision with integration with Storybook and also on design systems for FIGMA and code integration with Github.


HOLA! Monitoring Children with Autism

An app designed to make the lives of children with autism, their parents, and their therapist better, by enabling parents, teachers, and therapists to monitor the mood swing, track the child’s location, behaviour analysis, and therapy responses. Children with autism have very high mood swings and get excited very easily and during certain situations. Sometimes, they get to an extreme level of hurting themselves or the people surrounding them. It gets tough for parents or teachers in the school to understand the child’s behaviour. Through this app, we track mood swings by connecting to a wearable or IO device where the sensors will monitor the child on various parameters like heart rate and skin temperature. The data is sent to the app which will alert the parent and teachers to reduce the intensity. The data will also be in sync with the therapy sessions, which will help the therapist to make an analysis of the therapy response.


I was involved in the complete design of the website design for the overseas education consultants. I was involved from planning, to execution of the entire project. Phase one is released and phase two will come out with some intelligent capabilities. As phase one we have got the MVP design out which includes the customer facing site plus the applicant portal where the applicant can track the engagement and status of his Visa process.

Mobile app

Sales Promotion Management App

Free Sample Distribution Mobile app helps businesses to manage their teams and campaigns. The app simplifies campaign setup and management, tracks the free product promotions, captures consumer information, and analyzes the campaign performance, and individual team member performance which in turn would help businesses with customer engagement.

People Speak

Hear from my colleagues and mentees!

I am glad to be writing this recommendation for Roopa. Roopa was instrumental in getting us going from scratch as we built our Supply chain orchestration platform ( Control Tower) from scratch. This has resulted in building a compelling visual layer for our business where they can see orders, inventory, etc at real-time and take actions to exceptions throughout the network The UX is world-class in terms of usability and adoption. Roopa spent long hours working with the Product Manager and business to understand flows and usage. A very committed individual with great UX skills. Roopa also worked very well with the product team and is a complete team player. I wish Roopa all success in her future endeavour and would gladly hire her again.

Dinesh PA

Global Head of Engineering and Product – Technology Director

Recommendation on Linkedin

I had the privilege of working with Roopa Rao in Consumer Division for more than six years at Intel Security. She is very passionate and has great vision for her work. She focus keeps everything moving smoothly, she makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project she is working on meets the highest standards.

Shajith Kunnumbrath

AEM | Front-End Developer | AngularJS | VueJS | Javascript

Recommendation on: Linkedin

Roopa is a great team player and an awesome designer. Very supportive, insightful and works in a super collaborative manner. Besides, she has several skills when it comes to information architecture and negotiation with stakeholders. I see a lot of resilience coming from her, going through challenges with mastery. In addition, her observations and feedbacks were always constructive and made me grow a lot. She is one of the best ladies that I’ve ever worked with.

Nathalia Martins

Design & Product Researcher 

Recommendation on Linkedin

Roopa has been an excellent team member to work with. We had a very short association, yet she managed to leave a strong impression with the assignment at hand. She worked relentlessly for customer satisfaction with a very demanding client. She has been able to deliver on multiple focus areas such as accessibility, feature delivery on both interaction and visual designs, team guidance on design language setting, etc. The team benefited a lot due to her delivery and due to the process that she helped settle with the client. Thanks Roopa and wish you success in all your endeavors!

Gurpreet Khandpur

Program Leader, Global Delivery

Recommendation on: Linkedin